Welcome to My Year of Song

Welcome to the 500 Songs blog. You may have been drawn here by the title, and I promise an explanation… but first the backstory. (Or you can skip straight to the 500 Songs explanation here)

For the last few years I’ve also been grappling with the age-old midlife question – “Why am I here on this big spinning rock, and what am I supposed to accomplish while upright & breathing?” Since being laid off from my healthcare marketing job last year, I’ve had A LOT of time to ponder my purpose in the world.

Begin Again

Nine months later and I still didn’t know, and I don’t today. But I started thinking about 2011, and the degree of change I’ll likely face in those impending 12 months. Will I have a job, and if so, doing what? Will I have started making my real mark on the world – not marks of property, wealth, power or fame, but in how I will be remembered by those who matter to me? Will I have even chosen between pencil, pen, brush or chalk to make that theoretical mark?

12 months… Something endearing and lasting… No pressure… [breathe]


Recognizing my busy life with two kids under 10 years old, a household to run, and a (perhaps?) underdeveloped sense of urgency, I realize that I won’t have even begun to change the world in a year.

So I wondered – while figuring out the why, what & how of me, what action can I take that would be considered a Bucket List item? What might I engage in over the course of year that would be interesting to chronicle? Do I do anything that anyone else would care to hear about?

Such a slew of thought-provoking blogs out there already  – Julie Powell famously poached, stewed & frapped her way through Julia Childs’ cookbook in a year, some married couple already blogged their 101-day shag-tacular sexperiment, and we can even witness 365 Days Through the Eyes of a Park Ranger… It’s all been done. [Oy! to the Barenaked Ladies]

Stick with What You Know

The only thing universal I’ve got to talk about is music. I’ve been playing guitar in one form or other since I was nine years old, performing solo or with groups and duos for 25 years. I have taught myself to sing, and have around 25 original songs that I’ve completed (or abandoned, as some say).

My style isn’t that unique; stripped-down singer/songwriter stuff  now common via the independent digital music revolution. In addition to writing , I cover a wide variety of artists in different styles stretching across five decades. Beyond my family, it is my one true passion in this life.


One Response to “Welcome to My Year of Song”

  1. Cool! Glad you mentioned you had a blog too! Now gives me more insight to the cool Bedtime Sets you mention on FB. 🙂

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