My 500 Songs

So from my 35 years of musical background, coincidental free time and grandiose vision springs 500 Songs in 2011. Here are my goals for this endeavor;

Play 500 different bedtime songs for my kids during calendar 2011.

  • Blog these songs, artists & any related factoids or trivia
  • Record & post online MP3s of the Bedtime Set whenever possible
  • Create a breadcrumb trail of thoughts and reflections, as I move toward What’s Next in my life – be it music or something else

500 songs – less than a gig on my iPod Nano, yet more tunes than most people remember by name.

So why 500? (other than that it’s a nice, round number)

It’s a stretch…

At last count (several years ago) I had around 300 songs in my can-do catalogue – many new have come since, but some old have also slipped away. Turns out my mental hard drive is finite, though I regularly grapple with RAM issues regardless.

… but it’s doable.

Assuming I continue the pace at around 4.5 nights/weekly, that’s 234 Bedtime Sets in the next year. I average three songs nightly, for a total of around 700. So why not the 700 Songs Blog? Because I know there will be repeats over the course of the year, dictated by either “audience” requests or my particular mood. (Some nights require Blackbird or Brother Iz’s version of Over the Rainbow, right?)

Yeah, but WHY?

It seems odd to some friends and family that I would devote any time at all on this (rather than finding my next job).

“But what will doing this accomplish?,” I’ve been asked. “Where’s the upside?” Right here;

1) I will get to sing my babies to sleep at least 234 times in the next year. ‘Nuff said.

2) I will have an excuse to revisit, learn and play even more great songs!

3) I will have left a representative list of “my tunes” for posterity’s sake. This list won’t cover every genre, or even every great artist in the genres I really like. But it represents the road map of my musical psyche to this point, if you want to get deep about it. Or maybe it’s just 500 songs that got stuck in my head. Plus, if one of those tragic “What-ifs” were to befall me tomorrow, this list will be another way for my kids to know me in my absence. And a parent can’t have too many of those mechanisms in place, right?

So away we go. 365 days. 500 songs. Maybe a waste of time. Maybe a piece of my musical Legacy. Maybe all ofthe Legacy. But I do hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me, and that the soundtrack to this sonic roadtrip will keep your toes tapping.

Yours in song –



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