Ten Reasons…

… to Leave Your Christmas Tree Up Until Almost February

  1. You really get your money’s worth. Extra month = added-value.
  2. Trees are much lighter to carry when the moisture is all gone.
  3. Needles EVERYWHERE are like little reminders of holiday joy.
  4. It’s the perfect excuse to take down the rest of the decorations.
  5. Double-bonus points in the Biggest Hoosier neighborhood competition
  6. Living on the Edge – Actively maintaining an in-home fire hazard is exhilarating.
  7. It starts to smell extra pine-y at around six weeks.
  8. Compassionate shelter for homeless vermin.
  9. Now it’s too late to decorate for Valentine’s.
  10. This far removed from the holidays, people are much more likely to wonder if you’re moving a body in a trash bag.



~ by The Bedtime Sets on January 29, 2014.

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